Predictive CRM

Realtofy's Predictive CRM is The Real Estate Agent's Task Management, Client Retention, and Property Advertising All-In-One System with Proven Results

Eliminate Duplicate Tasks With Automation

When you enter a new client, a set of new tasks for this buyer/sellers will be auto-populated along with task deadline. We achieve this by integrating task templates, which you can customize for buyers and sellers. With task templates, your task creation process is 10x faster.

In addition, you can estimate the value of these tasks. This high level of transparency motivates your team to ach jeieve milestones efficiently. Our predictive CRM allows you to prioritize your tasks by estimating revenue per hour of work for each transaction.

"Transparent transaction management - Fernando

Retain Sellers In Real Time

Provides sellers with real-time updates with Seller Dashboards. While this tool saves you time from answering sellers' duplicate questions, it also strengthens sellers' trust in your work. As a result, your listing agreement with your sellers will last much longer.

    Advertisement & feedback updates
    Real time property stats
    Effective communication
    Improve client trust result in a longer contract

Efficient way to communicate with my clients - Eleanor

Maximize Your Productivity

Take a glance on our CRM interface. See how these features can increase your productivity.

What's Included

In 30-Minutes You'll See:

  • How Realtofy can help your team sell more.
  • How Sutton Realty increased buyer inquiries by 300% in a month.
  • How Remax Realty automated tasks resulting in 6x faster on workflow.
  • How Jessica went from $0 to $1.5M in sales in 3 months.
  • How to quickly and easily get started.
Effortlessly increase your sales teams' performance, all without leaving your office.

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